We are born with a natural right to self defense. The 2nd amendment recognizes that right. I grew up in Northeast Texas hunting squirrel, hogs, and deer. While hunting is not the reason for the 2nd amendment, it would be nice to have a representative in Washington who was one of us. My opponent grew up in Chicago and on more than one occasion has been asked to name a gun that he owned but was unable to name a single model or caliber.


I don't place any loyalty with political parties. The US Constitution makes no mention of political parties. That is a feature rather than something the founders overlooked. I propose that rules for being on the ballot apply to individuals and not groups. In short I'm advocating that we follow the Constitution and completely obliterate the system of party politics.


The last 15 years of foreign policy have been a huge disaster. We have made ourselves less safe and allowed our government to encroach upon our rights. In spite of what you may hear from the mainstream media and politicians, military spending has risen tremendously regardless of who is in the White House. Our actions have enabled the worst elements of society in the Middle East and have put Christianity in an extremely perilous position in its birthplace. It's time to change course and stop overthrowing governments around the Middle East. This has led to nothing but chaos and increased terrorism.


Dallas and its suburbs have an insatiable appetite for cheap water. That requires taking 100's of thousands of acres of East Texas land for flooding and for habitat replacement. The amount of land that Dallas means to take through the force of the Federal government to build Marvin Nichols reservoir is larger than the state of Rhode Island. Would we allow a foreign government to kick us off our land by force? Of course not. So, why should we allow it from Dallas? These reservoirs require State and Federal approval and support. So, it is a Federal issue. When it comes to the conflict between the rights of East Texans and Dallas' lust for water, John Ratcliffe has said that he would do what is best for the majority. That means he is going to do what Dallas wants. Our only chance at having a representative that represents our rights in Congress is if I'm elected in November.


The problem of money and special interests is more of a symptom than the disease. The real problem is that the government has too much power to pick winners and losers in the economy. I'm only accepting cash contributions of five dollars maximum. If I win in November, we will send a strong message to challenge the status quo.


The role of government should be limited. But, one of the few legitimate functions of government is protecting life. This is one issue where I'm not aware of any differences between my opponent and I.
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